We are your Class of '66 Rebel 50-Year Reunion Committee. We've been working together for months to make our Reunion  Weekend a memorable event!  You can bet we will all be there and we are doing all we can to find as many our classmates as possible!  By the way, your friends from other SLZ grad years are welcome... as are spouses or significant others.   We are really looking forward to seeing you!
Bill Allison  -  Cindy (Anderson) Artinyan - Linda (Camara) Somsak - Peter Corsun - Richard & Jil (Lanfear) Croll - Carlos Garcia - Ron McPherson - Carol Mendes-Klint - Marlene (Montalvo) Kidd - Kathy (Moran) Freeman (no photo available) - Norma Quan - Karen (Seaburg) Morton - Stanley Silva - Anthony Tabacco - David Walton - Faye (Westover) Lane - Karen (Witte) Grimaldi -
And from the Class of ;63 Ellen Lacey.

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Allan Lopez
Ann Woodward (Britton)
Ann Slattery
Anthony Tabacco
Anthony (Tony) Verandes
Becky Bangloi (Mitchell)
Bernie Meskiman
Betsy Saunders
Bill Allison
Bill Box
Bill Britton
Bill Herrera
Carlos Garcia
Carol Bianchi (Box)
Carol Mendes (Mendes-Klint)
Carolyn Tabacco
Charles Charles Wilson (wilson)
Charles E. Mollett
Charley Barclay
Chris Klein
Christine Hodgson (Yarbrough)
Cindy Anderson (Artinyan)
David Asplin
David Kidd
David Sylvestersen
David Walton
Dennese Birkett (Cole)
Diane Henas
Don Moerdyke
Don Rudisill
Donna Naruo
Emilio Grimaldi
Faye Westover (Lane)
Francis Grilho
Fred Sterling
Gary Mitchell
Gaye Smith (Ryon)
Gladys Vance (Battson)
Helen Ariza
Henry Bud Albarico
Hob Osterland (Patti Hobdy)
Jay Hubbell (Hubbell)
Jil Lanfear (Crolll)
Jim Hocking
Jim Lane
Jim Morton
Jim Overstreet
Jo Anne Mendes
Joan Lopez
Joanie Thomas
Joanne Kvistad (Solis)
John Garcia, Jr.
Jose A. Dorado
Karen Witte (Grimaldi)
Karen Seaburg (Morton)
Kathy Mero (Backer)
Kathy Serrano (Billings)
Kathy Moran (Freeman)
Ken Artinyan
Kerrie Nash
Larry D'Amato
Linda Jolly (earhart)
Linda Cervantes (Jusino)
Linda Fahrney (Moerdyke)
Linda Goard (Nash)
Linda Camara (Somsak)
Lora McPherson
Maria Moroles (Welch)
Marlene Montalvo (Kidd)
Mary Mears (Mears-Haskell)
Mary Wilson
Mike Johnson
Mike Ryon
Nancy Christensen (Peacock)
Ned Ankrum
Norma Quan
Pat Overstreet
Pat Elizondo (Wilson)
Paul Weston
Peggy Mattis (Meskiman)
Peggy Santos (Sterling)
Penny Silva
Penny Spencer (Spencer)
Peter Corsun
Peter Lee
Remy Gacherieu
Rich Wilson
Richard Croll
Rick Saunders
Robert Abbas
Ron Backer
Ron McPherson
Ron Wilhite
Ron Wilson
Sam Hernandez
Sheila Gruber (Mollett)
Sherry Kintz (Barclay)
Stanley Silva
Steve Solis (Solis)
Steve Thomas
Sue Orsolini (Gonzales)
Vaden Riggs
Viola Mondragon (Herrera)
W. David Yarbrough
Walter Jusino
Wanda Chui (Miller)
Total 85 98
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